Helping Clarence Regain His Strength

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If you meet Clarence, you will see a sweet little creature who resembles an ostrich and who is starving for love. The little dog – no, he is not an ostrich – is believed to be five- to eight-years-old and a Shih Tzu mix. He was rescued on April 23, 2014, and he is in dire need of medical care and lots of TLC.

“The vet texted Chrissy today to see if she knew any rescues for bald skeletons,” posted Friends of Dekalb Animals (FODA) on their Facebook page. “Well, us of course! Here’s our new boy, absolutely pathetic.”

Photo Credit: Friend of Dekalb Animals
Photo Credit: Friend of Dekalb Animals

Chrissy Kaczynski, rescue coordinator for FODA in Clarkston, Ga., welcomed the no name, malnourished pet into the rescue program and her home. She is fostering the tiny, helpless dog, who only weighs 5 lbs.

“He was a stray they say. Not much in the case notes. He had a tag on so I don’t know if they’ll be able to track someone down for cruelty,” said Kaczynski. “[The dog] came in severely matted and was shaved down. He has a good appetite and seems very sweet.”

FODA is hoping their cruelty investigator officer will be able to track someone down and find the culprit who starved, abused and abandoned the tiny pet. For now, the rescue organization hopes the community falls in love with the dog, and helps them bring him back to 100 percent health. The community is already smitten with the canine, they helped named him Clarence.

“It will take a couple of months [for him to get healthy,]” said Kaczynski. “Our vet at the shelter did his initial evaluation. We will be taking him to one of our full service vets for blood work to make sure the starvation hasn’t caused an organ issues or if we see any additional problems like vomiting.”

If you would like to help Clarence, consider making an online donation at Once he receives a clean bill of health he will be available for adoption.


3 thoughts on “Helping Clarence Regain His Strength”

  1. These little dogs are very sweet and very loyal. That anyone could have treated him so cruelly is unconscionable. Get well Clarence, someone is waiting to love you forever.

  2. And just maybe he was lost through no one’s fault and went hungry and ungroomed while he was loose. Why is I assumed that anyone was cruel.

  3. To answer Anonymous – rarely are dogs lost thru “no ones fault.” It is usually through carelessness and deliberate abandonment. If a dog is let out accidentally, loving owners do everything in their power to try to find him.

    It is assumed that someone was cruel because a little dog does not become that emaciated or that matted in a few weeks time on his own. Tiny Clarence has been neglected for a long long time. He looks like he came from a puppymill or was kept outside in a pen.


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