Here’s Why These Six Foods Can Kill Your Dog

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We all know there are certain foods our dogs shouldn’t eat – chocolate, onions, grapes – we know this because everyone says “a dog shouldn’t eat that,” but do you really know why our furry friends shouldn’t get their mouths on such foods?

Grapes can be deadly for our dogs, but their round, choking-hazard shape has nothing to do with their deadliness.


Watch this video and learn why dogs shouldn’t consume these six common foods.

6 FOODS that can KILL your dog.Do NOT feed any of the foods in this video to your DOG!!! Let us know if we forgot anything.

Posted by Dogworld on Tuesday, January 19, 2016


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  1. Natural cyanide in peach pits, apricot pits, apple seeds etc actually kills cancer cells in the body but does not hurt the body in humans or dogs. The great side effect of feeding several ground up peach, apricot or apple seeds is that the cyanide is absorbed by cancer cells and kills the cancer cells. We have been feeding 5 – 10 ground up raw apricot seeds, and apple seeds to our dogs daily for years and we eat them ourselves to kill off cancer cells. Oncologists eat apricot seeds privately too to prevent cancer cells, but they do NOT tell their profitable patients because cancer is the most profitable business in America,


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