Hero Dog Discovers Newborn Baby Girl Abandoned in Park

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When 68-year-old retired engineer Roger Wilday was walking his dog Jade in a Birmingham (England) city park on October 31, 2013, he never imagined his dog would lead him to a newborn baby girl who had been abandoned inside a bag. The hero canine was off leash and when she made the discovery she made sure Wilday became aware of the tiny human in need as well.

According to Mail Online, Wilday told reporters “Jade has grown up with children around her, she loves babies and when she found the baby in the bushes she wouldn’t leave until she knew I had seen it.”

Photo Credit: Caters News Agency
Photo Credit: Caters News Agency


The dog owner was astounded by the discovery, and said he believed the baby was just a few hours old since she was still warm and her umbilical cord was still attached.

Wilday called authorities and within minutes police and an ambulance arrived at the park.

BBC News reported the newborn was wrapped in a light blue blanket and was placed inside an Entertainer toy shop bag. The baby was taken to Birmingham Heartlands Hospital and doctors determined she weighed six pounds and is approximately one or two days old.

Police took the blanket and sent it to be processed for DNA. They hope the test results will help identify the baby’s parents.

The infant, now known as “Baby Jade,” was named after her four-legged hero rescuer.

“She is a hero dog,” said Wilday. “There was no one else in the park at the time and it was very cold. If it wasn’t for Jade that baby could have been dead.”

The baby was found in good health and is expected to make a full recovery. Authorities hope Baby Jade’s mother comes forward soon.



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  1. Who cares if the mother comes forward? Unless the baby was kidnapped, SHE abandoned the baby to die in a park!!! Like they are going to give the baby back to her? Give her an award or something?!

    • Actually, this happened in Kansas City about a decade ago. A woman left her newborn in a parking ramp. Yes, she got him back.

    • Yeah, they’re going to give her an award. It’s an orange jumpsuit and two pretty little silver bracelets.

      They want her to come forward so that she will be ARRESTED for leaving her baby to die in a park.

      Smarty pants.

    • This is the UK… ANYTHING could happen!!! She may not get an award, but she would probably get a nice two bedroom council home and a life time of benefits! Better than working, hey! (By the way I DO work, I don’t have a council home OR benefits, and I don’t abandon babies to die!)

  2. Well fact is if they locate the father and he wants the child the mother probably would still get custody its stupid flawed system

  3. It’s attempted murder if that dog didn’t find the baby it would have died the mother should be horse whipped and put in jail not to mention she needs to be sterilized so she can’t have another baby

    • And if the mother was a 13 year old girl who was raped by her abusive step-father? What then? As Gandalf said “Don’t be so quick to meet out judgement. Not even the wisest of us can see all ends.”


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