Hero Dog Fights Off Attacking Bear

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Michele Foster says she will never forget the horror she experienced last Tuesday.The North Vancouver woman was in her yard with her yellow lab, Boo, when out of nowhere a bear charged them with what she described as “kill in its eyes.”

Boo moved between Foster and the bear, and as it neared them Foster tried to pull the dog into the house. “She is barrelling towards us at unbelievable speed, and I had Boo on her back trying to pull her inside. And then the bear was on top of her.”

Foster was forced to close the door. She watched as the bear bit and clawed at Boo. The mauled dog fought her way to her feet and bolted, the bear hot on her heels.

“I felt like I’m horribly letting Boo down but I’m going to get horribly hurt if I leave the door open,” Foster said.

After she collected herself, Foster opened her patio door and started calling for Boo. The bear returned, charging Foster a second time. “She had her paw in the door and she was trying to get at me. She was foaming at the mouth and I thought “Oh my god, it’s trying to come in and kill me.”

Foster was able to lock the door after struggling with the bear,  and it retreated with two cubs who had  been wandering the yard, Foster says.

After making a number of frantic calls Foster located Boo, who had run to a home a mile away.

“I was sure she was dead, bleeding somewhere under a bush,” Foster said. “We drove over [to pick up Boo] and it was amazing. She had two big bite marks on her back and a couple claw marks on the side of her chest, but she was fine.”

Foster says she was to afraid to go outside following the bear confrontation, but Boo was begging to go out and chase her ball after just a day.

“Boo is the hero here,” Foster said. “I said ‘Boo if you can do it, I can do it too.’”

38 thoughts on “Hero Dog Fights Off Attacking Bear”

    • only on the DOGS part! he needs a better owner. id die myself before shutting the door on my dog being attacked by a bear -WHILE PROTECTING ME. wth soooooooooo sad to read this- like its NORMAL

  1. I agree the dog is brave, and am glad all are ok BUT….I feel bad for the bear. The bear being portrayed as an unprotected killed; ‘kill in its eye’. Then to only mention in passing that there were 2 cubs in the woman’s yard. It was doing what mommy bears do. Protect their babies. I hope she is not tracked down & killed over this. Sadly, its often the case.

  2. I’m with you Sarah! I’m glad that the owner and dog are ok! And, I think the dog was so brave like all dogs are especially when the owner left the dog outside to fend for itself with the bear. I didn’t like that “kill in its eyes” comment. We all know with the cubs comment that the Mama bear was just protecting her cubs like any Mom in all species would do. Bears don’t just attack for no reason. Real glad all in this story are ok and hope the brave dog gets some extra love, attention, and treats!


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