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Hero Dog Rescues Owner and Five Other Pets from Fire

by Katherine

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On Black Friday, a black Labrador named Bailey saved the life of his owner Mary Greenfield and also the lives of five other pets when the dog alerted the pet owner that their Ohio home was on fire.

The fire started around 12:30 p.m. after Greenfield had come back home from working a Black Friday shift at Kohl’s.

Bailey the hero dog.
Bailey the hero dog.


The woman was taking a nap when suddenly her pet woke up her by tugging at her. The house was consumed in flames, but luckily Greenfield and her six pets exited the home unharmed.

The family cat was trapped inside the home but Frazeysburg Fire crews were able to locate the cat and rescue him.

Authorities believe the fire may have been started by the wood burner. The home was a total lost but thanks to the heroic dog, all residents are alive and unharmed.