Hero Dog Saves Unconscious Woman from Getting Robbed

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Belgrano, a former stray dog from Buenos Aires, Argentina, is looking for a forever home, and we hope that after saving a woman from getting robbed, the heroic canine receives multiple adoption applications.


Just two months ago, the dog was found injured after a car hit him and left him for dead. Good Samaritans picked him up and got him medical attention for the bruises, cuts and multiple fractures sustained. Belgrano made a full recovery and is now under foster care. Rescuers hope to find him a forever home.

Last week, the dog was out for a walk with Victoria, the woman currently caring for him, when suddenly he started barking and pulling his leash. Victoria reprimanded the dog, but Belgrano kept pulling and got loose.

The dog ran towards a woman that had passed out on the street. The dog’s loud barks alerted nearby neighbors who came to the woman’s rescue. In the confusion, an opportunist thief approached the unconscious woman and tried to take her purse, but Belgrano barked and defended the woman and her property.

The thief had no other option than to drop the purse and run away, if not, he would have to face Belgrano and the large group of people helping the woman.

The dog’s heroic actions have been covered by local news and Victoria hopes that the recent news coverage help the dog find his forever home.

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