Hero Great Dane Rescues 14 Year Old from Sex Attack, Corners Suspect

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A Great Dane from Chicago is making headlines for stopping a sex crime in progress and keeping the suspect at bay until police were able to apprehend him.

According to Shakespeare District police Captain Marc Buslik, the attack took place  at 4:44 p.m. Friday in the 2800 block of North Whipple Street. The victim was walking home when she noticed a man following  her, police said.  “He grabbed her and threw her to the ground,’’ Buslik said.

A neighbor and his Great Dane, Scooby, rescued the 14-year-old girl as she was being attacked by Larry E. Smith, 28, of the 3700 block of South Wells. The victim’s landlord witnessed the attack after hearing the girl scream. He saw Smith trying to kiss her when Agustin Zamora and his dog Scooby arrived, cornering Smith in an alley and holding him under Scooby’s watch until police could apprehend him. The neighbor “is very brave,” the landlord said.

Agustin and Scooby

Smith was charged with one count of attempted criminal sexual assault and is being held on $200,000 bond.

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35 thoughts on “Hero Great Dane Rescues 14 Year Old from Sex Attack, Corners Suspect”

  1. NOW we know What Scooby Would Do! good boy. Glad the owner was with him too; knowing our society the perp would have sued for dog bite or something.

  2. Agustin, you and Scooby are Hero’s ! Thank God you were exactly where you needed to be to help the 14 year old girl. Your Great Dane is GREAT indeed !

  3. I hate to sound cynical, but the Dane is probably lucky the cops didn’t shoot him when they arrived on the scene.

    • Sadly, Taryn is right. Police shootings of dogs have become so epidemic that it is believed that someone’s pet dog is shot by police every 98 minutes in the US. And it’s not just pits, it’s everything, even 8 pound yappers that couldn’t break skin through a trouser if they tried. After investigation a 300 pound officer’s plea that he felt that his life was in danger- from the Yorkie with the blood chilling gaze- was enough to justify his actions. Every time! I can hardly think of a time when the officer was disciplined or the police department picked up the vet bills for a surviving dog. Mostly the dogs don’t because they’re not shot once, an entire clip is emptied into them, and often from multiple officers. The situation has become so dire that some filmmakers just successfully ran a Kickstarter campaign, to which I contributed, to make a documentary called “Puppycide.” It should be out within the year.

      One of the many sad occurrences that it covers was when a couple with a dog in the car didn’t put money away after a gas station purchase and it blew off of the dashboard and out the window. Some do-gooder called the police. They pulled over the couple and shot the dog in the back seat even before words were exchanged! It’s all on the police dash cam and it is truly sickening to watch. These people were guilty of nothing and the insane actions of the police cost them what they loved most in life. No presumption of innocence, no Occam’s razor, just immediate resort to lethal force before even exchanging a greeting or asking for ID? In what Barney Fife world do these police believe themselves living, that a dollar bill blowing out of a car merits willful killing of one of the occupants?

      The same theme is repeated in endless variations. Half the time the police are at the wrong address. Half the time they’re trespassing. Most of the time the owner is innocent of any crime. Folks, it’s out of control. If you’re on Facebook, like a site called “Dogs shot by Police.” You will not believe what you’re seeing. Taryn is right. Scooby is a great dog, and he’s also an exceedingly lucky dog.

  4. Great work! Love the photo of Black Dane looking at his owner. He seems to be saying” Did I do good?”

    Indeed he did!


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