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Hero Pit Mix Drags Owner from Burning House

by Melanie

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1.3.14 - Dog Drags Owner out of Burning Home2

Debbie White was asleep – very deeply asleep – the night before Christmas when her home caught fire. Her dog Forest sensed imminent danger, and dragged her out of the house, saving both of their lives.

Debbie’s daughter was away, and only she and Forest were home when flames broke out.

I was so far into sleep that I was going to die, Debbie explained.

1.3.14 - Dog Drags Owner out of Burning Home3

Thankfully, the pit-lab mix wasn’t, and he acted quickly. Debbie was already beginning to inhale smoke when Forest leaped on her. She didn’t wake. He needed to take more drastic action, so he bit her on the foot. Nothing. Then he nipped her hand and arm.

He wouldn’t leave the house without me.”

She finally woke. Hurrying to get them both out of harm’s way before it was too late, Forest dragged her outside.

1.3.14 - Dog Drags Owner out of Burning Home4

He drug me out the door and into the front yard,” she said.

The bedroom became engulfed in flames right after they escaped.

My family could be planning a funeral, because they say the way the smoke was, it was above me,” Debbie said, choking back tears. “We really are blessed. We’re still here.”

1.3.14 - Dog Drags Owner out of Burning Home1

Forest also suffered some smoke inhalation, but is doing just fine now, and the family has a place to stay while they recover from their ordeal.

I would do anything for this dog. This dog saved my life, and I would do anything.”