Hero Police K-9 Survives Shooting

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brunoAnaheim Police K-9 Bruno is recovering after being shot last Thursday during a search with SWAT officers. His heroism saved the lives of several other officers and even after being shot by the suspect Bruno didn’t want to stop doing his job.

Bruno was assisting SWAT officers with a search when he found a gunman hiding near a trash can. The suspect, identified as 21-year-old Robert Moreno Jr., shot Bruno and fired at other officers before he was shot and killed.

Bruno was hit in the jaw and the bullet continued into his chest before it stopped just inches away from his heart. Despite this trauma Bruno didn’t let up on his duty. He only made a small whimper at his handler and then wanted to get right back to work.

“Even as his handler raced him to the hospital, Bruno’s ears were up and he didn’t want to lie down,” stated the Anaheim Police Department.

On Thursday night Bruno underwent surgery to remove part of his lung and reconstruct his jaw which was shattered by the bullet. His partner, Officer R.J. Young, stayed by Bruno’s side all of Thursday night. By Friday evening Bruno was showing progress and his vitals were stable.

Bruno’s heroic actions helped save the lives of three other officers according to Anaheim Police Department Lt. Tim Schmidt.

Donations to Bruno’s future medical expenses can be made through Friends of the Anaheim Police K9 Association.

4 thoughts on “Hero Police K-9 Survives Shooting”

  1. Am I the only one who is disturbed by this story? An innocent dog was shot and nearly killed because he was with a SWAT team during a search (for drugs I assume). Why was the dog with the police in a potentially dangerous situation like this? Cops do their jobs knowing that they could be hurt or killed. It’s a risk they are willing to take. But a dog does not have this choice. I’m refraining from any comment on the absurd “war on drugs”, as that’s beyond my intent. I’m just upset that an innocent animal was seriously hurt in the service of a (most likely) unethical/immoral human activity. One of the cops should have been shot and nearly killed, not the dog.

    • Wow, not only are you a complete jackwagon for wishing harm upon the officers, but you clearly don’t understand a single thing about K-9s. Besides their noses being an incredible resource (that likely saved many lives by locating this dude before he could ambush the officers), but also having a K-9 on scene almost always helps defuse situations before they become violent.

      Since this creep opened fire on police, I doubt he was some innocent stoner being oppressed by The Man. People that will shoot at a K-9 and police officers are /not/ people we need out on the streets, they’re generally dangerous individuals that would just as readily harm an innocent person.


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