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Heroic Service Dog Stands Guard over Deceased Owner for Two Days

by Katherine

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Mindi, a black Labrador and service dog from Carbondale, Ill., lost her owner, Caroline Wylie, in a tragic car accident back in February, when the two of them were driving back from a training session. Wylie died in the accident and the loyal canine remained true to her service job standing guard next to her owner for over two days.

140411-Mindi2“When no one had heard from [Wylie], we knew that something had to be really amiss,” Behesha Doan, Extreme K-9 Founder and This Able Veteran Executive Director told

That’s when authorities started looking for the missing woman and her service dog, and a few days later the pair was discovered off Route 3.

Extreme K-9 had trained Mindi to become a service dog and they paired her with Wylie. After the unfortunate accident, the organization welcomed the service dog back into their team. However, they weren’t sure if the dog would ever be ready to serve an accompany another person in need.

After spending some time with the service dog, Doan recognized that the canine was a true service dog at heart and she was ready to get back to work.

“She just falls in line,” said Doan. “She’s doing so well.”

The service dog is currently undergoing more training and getting ready to meet a soldier whom she’ll be able to help with PTSD and anxiety.

This coming June, Mindi will be ready to go home with her new partner and after both complete training, they will be ready to start their new life together.

Extreme K-9 and This Able Veteran are sure Mindi will do an exceptional job with her new companion.

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