His Mouth Was Taped Shut, Social Media Set A Rescue In Motion….

Warning: Video contains disturbing imagery.


This was Tank after the two women came to his rescue. Wonderful job, ladies! Photo: Manuela Ela Schafer/Facebook

Authorities in Lexington, SC, are investigating after a dog was found with its mouth taped shut, WACH reported. Three women, one a concerned citizen who documented the cruelty, and two others who took swift action and stepped in, are responsible for the rescue.

A witness noticed the dog living in what she called “cruel conditions,” took photos and asked for help on Facebook:

“Help!” she wrote in part. “Who can we can call about this baby? He has tape around his mouth and face! When he was out of the fence we tried calling him over to help but he seemed so scared!”

The post was shared and inspired people to step in. A woman who saw the post took immediate action, rescuing the dog with a friend.

The pair posted a video of the rescue on Facebook. They say the dog they named ‘Tank’ struggled to breathe while they rushed him to Animal Control to get help.

The women added that they’re thankful someone spoke up in hopes that those responsible can face justice.

Tank is recovering at Lexington Animal Control. He was unavailable for visits Monday; authorities say the dog is considered evidence in their investigation.

Animal cruelty is a felony offense. If someone is convicted, they can face up to five years in prison and a $5,000 fine.

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  1. Tape the culprit that done this to that babys mouth shut the same way erap the tape around the neck over the mouth with a very small opening so they can feel the breath they cant get, wrap it around their head over half of the eyes and blocking most of the nose. Let them sit on a chain in the.sun or the the snow with handcuffs on. Leave em to die and the.other low lifes that mistreat animals to witness. Bet that shit would stop ifnthe sickos knew it was comin home


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