Hoarder Spends $200k+ on Dogs

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Dr. Karen Cassiday, a clinical psychologist, looks into the bizarre problem of animal hoarding and talks with a recovering hoarder about the issue.

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11 thoughts on “Hoarder Spends $200k+ on Dogs”

  1. I understand wanting to help, but everyone has to recognize when they need to help themselves first. Those poor animals.

  2. Both our youngest dogs, ( we have four) came from a hoarding situation and they are really struggling to integrate into a normal world. They were iron deficient, under weight and one has abnormalities in their legs from being a product of over breeding ( the hoarder could not afford to fix all the animasl ) so they bred and bred and bred. Our pups have been undersocialized to the point that it has taken 3 mos. for one to learn to come and sit beside me. All the dogs from this situation were loved, by the hoarder. She beleived she was helping, but how could she? This is a sickness, like so many mental illnesses , that I don’t understand, but I can sympathize I understand the motivation, but until the person takes ownership of their illness they will never get better. Meanwhile, 80 dogs at the home and many left behind, unfixed that she would not allow to go.. so in a years time she will have 80 again. I am not angry, or upset with her, but I am troubled and heart sick for the animals it produces and the family tole it takes.

  3. Ohhhhh sadness. And apparently a difficult disease to recover from. I think I can relate to where she’s coming from, but so tough on the dogs and her family as well – shudder…
    PS – We continue to be such bad bloggie pals – hope you are all well and having an excellent 2011! Will come see y’all on FB!

  4. It is the family and the neighbors that turn away and don’t address the situation BEFORE it turns into this type of situation that really upset me. Why are people so unwilling to just go and talk with their neighbor/loved ones? By not addressing the problem you are condoning it and reinforcing the behavior.

  5. I tried to post this before but my computer quit in the middle. Just as well, I was pretty angrily trying to refute some of the above thoughtless accusations about how family and friends “turning away” is the “real” problem. First I would direct people to the website for Adult Children of Hoarders which you can google. Second: while popular TV shows for purposes of maximum viewer indignation and other emotional response may show family and friends as willing to turn their backs on the “poor poor crazy hoarders” let me share with you what really REALLY goes on. My own mother hoarded everything from pets to paperclips, horses to household goods. In fact she is now in her 4th senior assisted living situation where at least she cannot hoard horses but the other three residences she was evicted from for…you guessed it….hoarding to such a degree that it was a health and fire hazard. Having grown up with and been BANKRUPTED literally trying to help my mother’s situation, having had my marriage destroyed by her antics and a husband who could not stomach dealing with an in-law like this, having my career such as it was jeopardized by a hoarding parent – believe you me you people have NO idea what it is to be the animal loving child of a horrific hoarder. You. Do. NOT. Get it! And the shrinks who sit in their tidy offices and claim oh feel sorry for the hoarder they are O/C with overlay – I am going to call horsefeathers on THAT. I have first hand experience with a parent who hoarded and I am here to tell you THEY DO IT TO GET ATTENTION and often MONEY. They claim they care about animals but they in fact know perfectly well that animals hoarded are a means to obtain money and a means to get attention. The truth is this: the hoarder is generally very, very smart, very very manipulative and very sneaky and subversive and they destroy lives. My mother not only destroyed the lives of the animals she hoarded but also literally destroyed the lives of her neighbors who tried to get help for her, she destroyed MY life, my sister’s life, her husband’s life (he died living in HER filth) and she is responsible for literally hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars spent by the County where she lived which finally after 30 YEARS did an abatement. Still to THIS DAY I get snotty in-your-face attitude from people who do not know how hard we all tried to save those animals with little or NO help from anyone….yet they are passing judgment and obviously from the above posts some people who do NOT know what really goes on are still passing wrong judgment! I finally had to move to another state AND give up the one thing I loved doing because I would get buttonholed by people who knew my mother and people who moved in the same circles as she once moved, all to be super nasty at ME, despite my having literally destroyed my health and my finances trying to get help for my mother. When we finally were able to launch a guardianship proceeding – and I did NOT want in any way to be this woman’s guardian, that would have been court-appointed – she tried to SUE me for trying to get her help! Please people I beg of you do NOT pass judgment on these situations just because of what you might have seen on a TV show, these shows do NOT reflect the true reality AND THE HEARTBREAK of completely broken or destroyed lives that the hoarder leaves scattered around!


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