Homeless Dog Amazing Transformation

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The story of this once homeless and hurt dog will warm your heart. Luca was found in Romania last October, he had been tied to a car and dragged, then beaten and left to die. His rescuers saved him and nursed him back to health. He is now a happy, active and playful dog.

Luca is still waiting to for his forever home. See what he looks like today. Tomorrow we will show you a video of him trying to escape bath time!

0 thoughts on “Homeless Dog Amazing Transformation”

  1. It is extremely important to teach children to respect and to love animals, just so they won’t grow up to be abusers. Abuse must stop somewhere. It’s so hurtful and frustrating.

  2. this is a tag or something, nothing to compare to what he has been through of course romania shit country that kills dog, he is lucky very lucky to be alive. and he will and deserve a happy family, good luck to you my love.


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