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Homeless dog loses eye after local man stones him

by Katherine

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Photo Credit: FRAD

Otto, a mixed breed dog like many other homeless dogs living on the streets of Cartagena, Colombia, roams the city streets searching for food and shelter. Just last week, residents of Cartagena’s Bosque neighborhood, found the dog hurt. He is missing one of his eyes. It is believed that a local recycling man stoned the dog senselessly until Otto lost his left eye.

The animal abuser has yet to be brought to justice. Many times, animal abuse in Colombia goes unreported and little is done to those accused or found guilty of committing such crimes.

For now, Otto continues to live and to look after himself on the streets of Cartagena.

Tarcila Marmolejo, a local woman who works as a food street vendor, has been feeding Otto once a day. She provides him with human food, the same food she prepares and sells on the streets. Due to the woman’s limited economical resources, she cannot provide Otto with the appropriate medical care he needs.

Tefila and volunteers from a local animal rescue group, FRAD (Fundación Rescate de Animales Desamparados de Cartagena), are doing what they can to help him.

Eva Durán, FRAD’s volunteer and manager of the rescue group’s Facebook page said that the organization cannot take in Otto at this moment. However, they are trying to get him the medical attention he needs.

“FRAD is a small organization,” said Durán. “Most animals come to us in precarious health conditions, undernourished, fearful and weak. We find and keep animals that are abandoned by their owners, abused and rejected by people. People watch in disgust yet they do not actively intervene or help,” she continued.

Durán hopes that with the help of the public, Otto will be able to see a veterinarian some time this week.

“Otto is in great need of antibiotics. His left eye needs to be cleaned, disinfected, extracted, and the wound needs to be surgically closed,” commented Durán. This procedure costs approximately $54.

If you are interested in learning more about FRAD visit their website or Facebook page. You can also donate to FRAD’s current project in conjunction with Global Giving at

FRAD is an organization that works with public donations and they don’t receive any funding or support from the local government. Currently they need sponsorships for animals they care for.

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