Homeless Individuals Rescue Injured Shih-Tzu

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In downtown Grand Rapids, Mich., two homeless individuals came across a one-year-old injured shih-tzu they couldn’t leave behind. The dog’s back legs were broken and the pet walked on just his front legs.

The good Samaritans rescued the dog but knowing they couldn’t keep the pet or help him, they took him to the nearest fire station. Grand Rapids firemen transported the dog, dubbed Blitz, to Kent County animal shelter and from there the pet was moved to Kelley’s Animal Clinic in Walker, Mich., where he is receiving the medical help he needs.



Blitz was examined by Dr. James Kelley and it was determined the young dog had serious fractures to his hind legs. The dog required pins to stabilize the bones and correct the fractures.

“He was in pretty bad condition,” said Dr. Kelley. “He couldn’t walk at all on either one of his back legs. To this day he walks only on his front feet. Once in a while he puts the leg down in back, but most of the time he’s walking on his front feet.”

Kelley’s Animal Clinic asked the community to help pay for the dog’s medical costs and animal lovers have come forward to donate funds to help Blitz get back on all four.

If it wasn’t for the homeless people who found and rescued Blitz, the little injured dog wouldn’t be alive today. The dog has a long road to recover, but once healed he will be available for adoption trough Kelley’s Heart-To-Heart Pet Adoption Center.

If you would like to help Blitz, you can make an online donation. To learn more about the dog, visit Kelly’s Animal Clinic.

25 thoughts on “Homeless Individuals Rescue Injured Shih-Tzu”

    • Hope Blitz is going to be better soon . I live so for away to give a lot of help, but wish the (Best). Mary

    • I agree, Lisa, and have made some suggestions elsewhere – BUT!!!!! PLEASE, if we can organize this, keep it in private way – because, sadly, if we contribute to the two deserving individuals whom rescued this dog, it may encourage less-scrupulous people in desperate situations to injure animals and then “fake-rescue” them, in hopes of material/monetary reward. (I was in Dog Rescue for ten years, and fostered over 100 dogs – and I know the kinds of sick people out there when it comes to using animals for personal gain.)

  1. The first dog I ever saw that walked on its front legs was in the airport in Quito, Equador. There were several apparently feral dogs that roamed the building and grounds, looking for scraps or hand outs. We asked an airport employee about the dog. He said it had been there for months and suspected it was injured by the freight traffic. He said they would throw it something to eat, but no one seemed interested in adopting it. We were waiting a couple of hours for our plane to be refueled and serviced; so it precluded us from taking the dog.

  2. So,the Kelleys clinic can’t treat this dog for free ?They have to looking for donation ? Sham on them,everything must be only money talk,come on people,they not make big deal,it was their job,helping injured in this case,again,if they looking for money,I repit,schame on them.


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