Hong Kong Government Officials Work Along NoToDogMeat

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In early May 2013, we told you about NoToDogMeat, the fastest growing global movement fighting to end dog and cat meat trade practices in the world. Members of the organization have announced that Hong Kong government officials have joined them in their fight to end dog and cat meat trade practices.

Photo Credit: NoToDogMeat Facebook

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The following message was posted on June 22, 2013, on NoToDogMeat Facebook wall.

“The World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade  have found friends in the Hong Kong Government who were instrumental in banning the dog meat trade there, and have agreed to travel to China to open negotiations at the highest level not just regarding the Heinous Barbarism of the Yulin Dog Meat Festival but regarding the millions of dogs and cats slaughtered each year.”

Ever since the organization came about, people have come together to peacefully march on the streets and inform others of the dog meat and fur trade business. Members as well as world followers are asking international governments to step in and put and end to this heinous practice, which takes place in countries such as China, Vietnam, Thailand and South Korea.

Even though NoToDogMeat was unable to prevent the Yulin Dog Slaughtering Meat Festival that took place over the weekend, they were able to rescue 38 dogs that were destined to die. They now focus their attention into bringing to light and raising global awareness about South Korea’s dog meat festival. This dog meat fair will last the entire month of July.

NoToDogMeat members are collecting signatures to urge the South Korean Government to respect global animal protection laws and oppose legalization of the dog meat trade.

UK residents can electronically sign the petition here and residents of other countries can sign the world petition.

NoToDogMeat has also found government support in Thailand and laws are being enforced to end the suffering of dogs and cats in the meat and fur industry.

“National police chief enforces the policy to end illegal dog meat trade, and announced ‘1599’ as a hotline dedicated to dog meat trade activities. Police General Chalermkiet Sriworakan announces that Police General Adul Saengsingkaew, the Thai police chief is aware of the urgency and the impact of the illegal dog meat trade; thus, has appointed him to oversee and assure that the policy in regarding this issue is strictly enforced. The police is determined to end the illegal trade and will work closely with involving agencies i.e. Watchdog Thailand, the Mekong River Patrol Boat Unit, and Surasak Force to put down the dog smuggling rings. The police will also be coordinating with the Department of Livestock Development for medical treatment and foster care of these canine victims. Watchdog Thailand will also help find permanent homes for these dog meat trade survivors.”

Learn more about the strides NoToDogMeat has achieved by visiting their website and following their Facebook page.


5 thoughts on “Hong Kong Government Officials Work Along NoToDogMeat”

  1. I think it is so sick that they have to dogs. Like they go out and kill whales. I just don’t under stand it at all. You do have food to eat don’t you. You grow it don’t you so eat what you make. NOT DOGS OR WHALES. I though your country was up with the times.

  2. c’est épouvantable mais ne jamais oublier que dans nos abattoirs et nos arenes l’horreur est la meme alors ne mettez plus de viande dans vos assiettes c’est un peu dur au début mais on s’y fait tres vite et on se porte tres bien!!!!

  3. This barbaric torture of the beloved dog must stop. China, South Korea, Vietnam and the whole bunch of other Asian countries who take part in any way should take a hard look at themselves. Would they like this done to them? No. Would they expect sniffer dogs to seek them out when they are trapped under a collapsed building, would they want a guide dog if they lose their sight, would they want a sniffer dog find a hidden explosive in a plane they are about to board? Yes. Then say “thank you” to the beloved dog and STOP this torture. Until you do, the world of civilised people will see you as barbaric, vicious, inhumane and still living in the Dark Ages. One day, the civilised world will drag the whole nasty lot of you, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century.


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