Honoring the Search and Rescue Dogs of 9/11

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Animals helped us respond, recover and move on…

Along with animal lovers from all over, the Animal Rescue League of Boston is remembering the canine heroes of the 9/11 tragedy today. Search and rescue dogs were at the massive and hazardous disaster site from the World Trade Center collapse in lower Manhattan, where they used their special skills to aid in rescue and recovery efforts amid the horrifying rubble.

ARL writes in commemoration: Every year on the anniversary of the September 11 tragedy we take a moment to reflect and honor the nearly 100 loyal search and rescue dogs and their brave owners who worked the scenes in New York City and Washington DC to help with rescue efforts.

While many of the dogs who were an integral part of the rescue efforts on 9/11 have since passed, their memory lives on. This beautiful slideshow from The New York Times shows some of the heroic canines 10 years after that tragic day. It’s difficult to keep your eyes from welling-up as you look at their expressive, gray faces.

Animals play important roles in our lives. Whether they’re recovering victims after a disaster, sniffing for threats at our nation’s airports, visiting with patients in hospitals or greeting us at the door with wagging tails after a tough day’s work, pets make our lives better.

In big and small ways animals helped us respond, recover and move on. Our thoughts, today, are with all of those who lost loved ones, human or canine, on or as a result of September 11.

The NYT search and rescue dog photos were originally published on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy, on September 11, 2011. Please do click the link above to view the photos and stories of seven canine heroes.





24 thoughts on “Honoring the Search and Rescue Dogs of 9/11”

  1. This was hard for me to watch … its sad …to see those beautiful faces but i thought i have to watch .. we have to remember and be thankful for the hard work they have put in over the years and all of you are so precious .. so wonderful I love you all !!!!

  2. Its been 13 years. Its time to let it go. What now every year for God knows how much longer this will go on. Let it go

    • Linda – Your comment is disgusting. Would you tell that to a loved one? I lost a family friend and coworker and was there the day of the attacks. I will never let it go – and will always remember you selfish btch.

  3. Let it go??? Really??? Apparently you have never lost a loved one Linda! My 17 year old daughter was tragically killed in 1996 and I will NEVER let it go!! May we all continue to remember all the lives that were lost that day including all the rescue dogs as well…God bless America!

  4. There are deaths everyday yes but this was an unmitigated unexpected brutal attack on civilians. Those on the ground and those in the planes. No we should never forget that. The day our innocence and confidence in our safety was completely lost.


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