Hope Recovers After Being Set on Fire

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On March 20, 2014, a one-year-old mixed breed dog from Arcadia, Fla., was set on fire by her owner. She was tethered, doused with kerosene, and then set on fire with a lit with a cigarette. Miraculously, she survived the abuse and was brought into rescue when a group of children found her and directed a volunteer animal rescuer who drove by to her location.

Hardee Animal Rescue Team (HART) has been looking after the dog since she was rescued, they’ve named her Hope.

Photo Credit: Fox 13
Photo Credit: Fox 13


After rushing her to Blue Pearl trauma center in Tampa, veterinarians determined the dog suffered extensive burns on 60 to 70 percent of her body. Her eyes were burned as well and at the time veterinarians were not hopeful the abused canine would ever be able see again.

“She won’t be normal, ever. She’ll have significant scarring, she has a long road ahead of her, including numerous surgeries she’s going to need down the road, as well as a long term healing for her skin,” Dr. John Gicking told Fox 13.

Yet, three weeks after enduring the horrible abuse there is hope for Hope. She is now walking around, eating, wagging her tail, and barking at passing cars.

According to Dr. Sonja Olson, Hope’s recovery has been unexpected. She has improved rapidly.

“She’s still in a very intensive phase of wound care and of medications, but the great thing is she’s eating, she’s drinking, and she’s off of IV fluids,” said Olson.

What’s more, ophthalmologists believe the canine will regain her vision completely.

Since the abuse happened, HART set up a YouCaring page where more than $47,000 have been donated to help Hope recover.

Local police continue to investigate the burning incident and hopefully the owner and animal abuser will face criminal charges.

If you would like to donate towards Hope’s medical care, visit her YouCaring page.

To follow Hope’s recovery visit http://hardeeanimalrescueteam.weebly.com/.


14 thoughts on “Hope Recovers After Being Set on Fire”

  1. I hope the new animal abuse laws leave the person(s) responsible in prison for a very long time. I think it is time to have a separate court system for animal abusers that include judges that are animal advocates. That is when we will see REAL justice handed down.

  2. Why didnt this abuser take this beloved og to a shelter it costs money yes-but if they were able to afford cigaretes.this poor little puppy may have suffered unbelievable pain she is now in the hands of someone who loves her-may she find a loving home that she so desperately needs.I love you HOPE!!!!!

    • i think some people just like to make animal to suffer 🙁 . They are dangerous and should be put in jail because they are psychopath 🙁

  3. I can kind of accept giving up your pet because of financial issues, or maybe the dog has issues that are difficult to cope with.. But tethering and dousing with flammable liquid… How sick a person is this.. Would you want to have them as your neighbour, your friend?

    • Yes and probably the only reason they didnt do it on a kid it’s because they dont want to go in prison. They are dangerous for the community!

  4. Again the stupidity of some people is astounding. Perhaps it is time to make people take a course in responsible pet ownership before they can get a pet (I realize this would be hard to enforce). I only hope they don’t have children………. God Bless Hope and lots of love to her and her caregivers. Thank God for the wonderful children who found her and set her rescue in motion.

  5. Why is it that abusers like to get pitbulls?! People like that shouldn’t get dogs! I hope she makes a full recovery and gets adopted.


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