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House Bill Spares Pit Bulls from Vicious Dog Designation


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The Ohio house has passed a new law that would change the state’s definition of dangerous dogs and give Ohio’s persecuted pit bulls a break.

Butler County Dog Warden Julie Holmes says the bill is long overdue. “It’s not that they’re anymore or less aggressive than any other breed of dog, there is just more numbers of them than any other breed of dog,” said Holmes.

Ohio law currently defines a vicious dog as one that hurts or kills a person, kills another dog or is among those commonly known as pit bulls.

Despite the fact that his five-year-old son was bitten by a pit bull earlier this week, Middletown resident and dog owner Josh Schlaht agrees with Holmes. “I’ve always believed that it’s not the dog that makes bad decisions, its the owner that makes bad decisions training them,” said Schlaht.

House Bill 14 will now be considered by the Senate.