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How Medicinal Marijuana Is Saving Dogs’ Lives

by Fred

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Medicinal marijuana use for humans has only just begun to see legalization in a few states, and there are many benefits for those needing it.  Now, more research into cannabis-based medicine for pets, specifically dogs and cats, has shown that it can drastically change their lives for the better.

Many animal health professionals agree that medical marijuana has many potential uses.  It’s been used to help dogs suffering from things like arthritis, seizures, and bladder cancer with a great deal of success.


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One of the participants in the study is a dog called Tyler, who suffers from arthritis.  He uses Vet CBD, a cannabidiol product that helps very much with the pain associated with his condition.  This has only a trace amount of THC, the component of marijuana that produces the “high,” which is not enough to get dogs high.

Another dog in the study is called Sunshine.  Before her human got her on the medical marijuana, she suffered from epilepsy.  Ever since getting on the meds, her seizures and ticks have stopped.  She’s also finishing her meals again.


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Poor Joy has bladder cancer, and is in a great deal of pain most of the time.  A product called Kannakrill not only helps mitigate the pain, but it also increases her appetite.  Sometimes, treatment used to get rid of cancer can leave one nauseous, making eating very difficult.

“I just knew that I wanted to try whatever would help my dog.  I think there needs to be more research done in a positive way, rather than research to prove a negative,” said Joy’s mom, Gigi.


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No matter what your opinion is on medical marijuana, whether for humans or for dogs, the research seems to show that there are numerous benefits to its use.  Many animal health professionals believe that these benefits far outweigh any potential risks, and because there is little to no THC in it, it’s not going to get a dog high.

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