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Hulk and Friends Head to Oregon to Find Homes


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Carl Johnson, shelter volunteer, with Hulk, the shelter dog who was too big to fly to Oregon with his pals to find a home. (Tamar Sone/The Desert Son)

As a follow-up to our story of August 17th, Up, Up, and Away, about the Palm Springs shelter dogs who were being flown to Oregon to find new homes, Hulk was one of those dogs who was supposed to go with his buddies. But due to limited space and his size, he was left behind. Hulk watched as all his friends took to the skies.

At the Palm Springs, CA, Animal Shelter, dogs who have been at the shelter for an extended length of time are selected to go to several Oregon shelters in hopes that they will find homes soon. Oregon Dog Rescue, the Humane Society of Redmond, OR, and Hope’s Haven near Salem have worked tirelessly and successfully on educating the public about spaying and neutering, and they also hold adoption events on a regular basis, which has resulted in fewer dogs being available for families to adopt.

Back in Palm Springs, volunteers were determined to get Hulk and 60 of his closets friends to Oregon for that chance at finding a family. Elsa Payne, shelter volunteer, decided to find another way to help these dogs. “Hulk has been at the shelter for over a year. It’s time for him to go, he deserves this,” Pyne said. Carl Johnson, a long-time volunteer at the Palm Springs shelter, said, ““It’s bittersweet. We are happy that he will have a chance at a forever home, but we really love him here.”

Pyne contacted the Riverside Animal Shelter and the Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals and together they were able to find a 29-foot air-conditioned motor home to start the 20-hour trip to a real life for the dogs. Several people will take turns driving to Beaverton, OR. The other dogs will head to the shelters to wait for their second chance at a new life.

Once they reach Beaverton, OR, Hulk will board a private plane and fly to Redmond where he will head to the Redmond Humane Society to wait for his new family to find him.