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Ways to Celebrate National Dog Day


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Walk an elderly neighbor’s dog as a way to celebrate National Dog Day. (Photo:

There are many, many way to celebrate how much we love dogs. We love and pamper our own pooches every single day but today would be a great day to get into a new habit of helping other dogs and other people who love dogs.

The most obvious way to help is to make a donation to your local shelter or favorite rescue group as a way of thanking them for all they do in finding the best homes for some very wonderful dogs, sometimes some very naughty-cute puppies, oftentimes rickety senior dogs, and all those in-between.

Talk to anyone who will listen about adopting a rescue or shelter dog. Educate everyone you know, and even those you don’t, about the horrors and atrocities that take place in puppy mills, and be sure to explain about where those pet store puppies come from.

Does your elderly neighbor have a dog? Volunteer to walk their dog for them on very cold days, rainy days, or days when your neighbor just isn’t feeling well. Did your dog-loving friend just have surgery? Offer dog walking services to her until she’s back on her feet.

If you have any old blankets, towels, or gently-used toys you no longer need, donate them to your local shelter, pound, or rescue group.

Organize a peaceful demonstration in front of a pet store you know that sells puppies. Pass out brochures to anyone passing by explaining the horrors of the puppy mills the pet store puppies came from.

Write to your local congressman or congresswoman, urging them to support a ban on puppy mills and gas chambers. Be sure to follow up with them in about a week to make sure they got your message and to find out how they intend to vote on those bills.

Check out all the do-it-yourself sites on the internet for ways to make your own non-toxic cleaners. You’d be amazed what you can do with some white vinegar and a few other things you probably already have around your house. No reason to expose your dog to harmful chemicals when it’s easier and cheaper to keep them safe.

Microchip your dog. If you haven’t already done this, what are you waiting for?

Check your fence. Make sure there are no holes dug under the fence where there aren’t supposed to be holes. Do you have a padlock on the gate? If not, get one and use it. Dogs can be very creative in they are trying to find out way out of the yard so take a few minutes to assure yourself that your yard is a safe and secure place for your pup.

There are many, many more ways to celebrate. What are some of the ways you’ll be celebrating National Dog Day today?