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Humbling to See For What Others Feel Blessed

by Adrea

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homeless man feeds dogs

With it being the Fourth of July holiday for Americans, there are many of us that celebrate our freedom with fireworks and BBQs, both thankful and grateful to live in this country.  Then, something comes along that makes us stop, dead in our tracks, and, maybe, even if for a moment, re-evaluate the many things we may take for granted.

This homeless man uses his time to go through garbage to find items, cans, bottles, copper, that he can sell to buy food for stray dogs.  He has little himself, but feels it is important to help the dogs,  feeling blessed that he can provide for them.  While he has his own tough row to hoe, he chooses to do for them.

World Animal Awareness Society had this to share about the video:

While scanning the Clark Park area of Houston for stray dogs, WA2S spotted these 2 roaming the neighborhood.  We circled back to track them and found that they were following a homeless man.

We introduced ourselves to the man and asked about the 2 strays that were following him.  While he doesn’t own them, he follows his heart and finds any way he can to feed them.  In deadly heat he pulls a shopping cart full of items that he picks up off the streets to sell in order to buy food for the dogs.  

He was a lovely man, feeling blessed to be alive and felt purpose in his quest to feed these two street dogs.


As you enjoy your holiday, whatever you take away from this simple, touching story, we hope you feel as blessed as this man and if you have the opportunity to help others, that you, too, will find the same joy as this kind man does in doing what he can to take care of the stray dogs.


World Animal Awareness Society

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