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Hungarian Man Saves Street Dog When No One Else Will

by Melanie

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This message comes from Bráne, a dog rescuer in Hungary.  He is friends with Zoran, another dog rescuer from Serbia.  They don’t have much money, but they save Europe’s unwanted, abused, and injured animals one at a time, taking them in and providing care when no one else will.


8.22.15 - Thunder Dog in Hungary1


Good day Melanie, my name is Bráne and I live in Hungary. I read your site every day. Sometimes (when I have possibilities) I donate money to people who need help as much as I am able to give, I know someone that little means a lot. It is important to help these small four-legged angels, they are our most loyal friends, it is priceless. I am also a volunteer in a one association for the protection of animals in Hungary. In my house I have five dogs that were found on the street and three cats which were found also on the street when they were small. I managed to cure them all.  A few days ago, I experienced a new rescue. Unfortunately, the cost of this treatment is too high for me. I was hoping you could help me. A story about finding last dog is for me a very valuable, unfortunately my English is not too good but I hope you will understand me.

I’ll try to write you how it all was.

On that night thunderstorm, with heavy rain and wind was strong. I was in a shopping center to buy bread and some treats for the animals at home, when I got out from the shopping center I ran to my car because it was raining. Next to one of the trash can in the parking lot one dog was lying, she was curled up,  she raised her head and looked at my way and put her head down again as if gave up from the fact that people will not help her. The scene was like in the movies. It was raining on her, she lay there in the dark, she was thin, sad and alone. I immediately knew that she was seriously in trouble. This view will remain forever in my head. I already have five dogs, I give them everything I can.  I had also found them on the street. At that moment they were in my head.  They are waiting for me in a warm home and they are very afraid of thunder, and this dog is not so lucky. She is a living being, she deserves to live like all living beings on this planet. I imagined that I was in her place, I’d give anything in the world that someone rescue me at that moment. I left my bag from a store down and I put my hand close to her to see if she is aggressive and then a miracle happened.  She lifted her head and licked my hand. Then my heart broken, her body was shaking and next to her was a one very skinny dead dog, probably her friend, her only friend in life.

Probably he died that day, hungry, afraid of thunder, injured but next to his friend. It’s painful to see, this is something that cannot be forgotten. I thought that perhaps they had eaten something poisonous. People were passing next to us and no one stopped to help me, people were disgusted with this dirty wet dog.  I told her, “we’re alone in this, let’s go, be strong.”  I want to tell your story to other people who would do the same as I did. There was no time to wait.  For one life I was late, but for the other maybe not.

Her breathing was loud and interrupted. I picked her and I put her in the car. She immediately lay down on the back seat, tired, without strength, wet, she was breathing shallowly and the wounds of her feet was bleeding and then she began to lick her wound like she tried to help herself. I called vet and I asked him to come urgent in veterinary clinic because I have a dog who urgently need help. Her list of health problems is unfortunately long.


The vet said that she probably was also hit by a car because she has a hip injury or someone intentionally hurt her and there are also problems with internal bleeding in the lungs and spleen is also damaged.   Of course I agreed on treatment and she will be also operated on. Her account is increasing daily. I do not expect that we’ll be able to get enough money for her treatment because it is a huge money but if someone could help me with a small amount would be grateful.  I have a very modest salary like all of us, I also pay off the mortgage loan, but I’ll do my best to endure all this and to give this dog a new chance for life. I called her “Thunder” because I met her then, when she thought that it was her end, but no, I hope it was her beginning.


8.22.15 - Thunder Dog in Hungary2


Our angel with gentle, frail body now often lies, receiving treatment, strong medication and our love.  I often telling her that everything will be ok, that she will always have to eat and drink, I will always separate the money to buy them quality food, treats, to pay for treatment, and I promised her that I will give my best to raise money for her medical treatment.  For the first time in my life I’m looking for help from someone and I prefer when I help someone. Every time I put my hand closer to her she licks me, like she says thank you.

I cannot ask people to pay the entire bill which will not be small, it would be too selfish of me, but every dollar or share3 will help to save her. For the first time in my life I am in such a situation. I’m sorry, because I ask for help, and I feel ashamed.

I would like that people do something good for all abandoned  dogs in their area, to give them a chance to be their friends, if they help just one dog they will help themselves because they will feel how nice it is to help someone. Thank you for being part of this rescue.  It is better to help than to wait for help.

Thunder is currently in quarantine, she cannot yet be with other dogs.  The vet is optimistic, but she still has to go on surgeries and then long recovery.  I cannot give her the perfect life (pet salons, vacations with her….) because I have no financial opportunities for that, but I can provide her love, food, attention, a warm home and gentle words.

She was left as trash to die as the greatest evil in the world, and she just wanted to love and be loved.

I hope that I will be able to provide all the love of the world to my new friend, to my friend who did not go too early from this world as many dogs alongside the road. They are living beings, they are our buddies. Give them a chance, we will help you if you are unable to help them in that moment. Just stop and help them and you will see a miracle.  The most important in this world is a pure soul and a big heart.

If you would like to help Thunder, please click here.


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