Husky’s Mad Dash Through the First Snowfall of the Season

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It’s November, and for many of us, wintry weather is soon on its way. Some look forward to it and most dread it, but pretty much every husky absolutely can’t wait! This guy is clearly excited, and he just can’t hide it.





Even husky puppies love the snow.  These guys and gals are getting to experience the snow for the first time, and by the looks of things, this will be one of many winters full of fun and play.  And if you were built like a husky, you might like winter more, too!





Even deep snow doesn’t seem to be a problem for them.  These guys clearly live in an area that gets A LOT of snow, and it doesn’t seem to bother them one single bit!





Even Mishka the Talking Husky gets into winter…





Yes, there seems to be no holding them back when it comes to huskies and playing in the snow.  Do any of you have husky-floofs?  Do they love to play in the snow too?  Share your stories, videos and photos with us on our Facebook page, or right in the comments section below!









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