I AM HERE: An Urban Intervention to Make the Invisible Visible

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“The original version of this video was made by two college students from Chile that surely did not have the resources to rescue or spay/neuter one dog, let alone all the dogs in this video. While they couldn’t fix the problem and rescue these dogs, they found a way to use the one tool that everyone has to raise awareness – Their voice. And the message is being heard loud and clear around the world. They took action the best way they could to get people to pause and think about a serious issue. Eyes begin to open and the opportunity for change is made possible because of a message like this. And by giving these dogs a voice and the chance to feel love, they gave them dignity… even if just for a few moments… and THAT is AWE inspiring.”
– Quote from a well-known rescuer and animal advocate





7.10.13 - I am Here

3 thoughts on “I AM HERE: An Urban Intervention to Make the Invisible Visible”

  1. okay, normally I have SERIOUS ISSUES with balloons (they’re terrible for the environment and when that dog bit the balloon, my heart just about stopped bec that can be fatal!) but in this case, I can forgive. this is brilliant!

  2. I feel bad that there are so many homeless dogs. I think it’s great what they did with the balloons to make people notice them, feed them & pet them. They actually looked happy.


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