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In India, Facebook helps reunite police officer with lost dog

by Katherine

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130518 AMTM Jackie
Photo Credit: Animals Matter to Me (MUMBAI)

Jackie, an 18-month old cross breed was adopted by Senior Police Inspector Sudhir Ranshevre in Goregaon East, India. The dog was kept in the Vanrai Police Station as the office pet, but on March 25, 2013, Jackie went missing. A month later and thanks to a Facebook post, Ranshevre was reunited with his loved pet.

“Jackie was an abandoned pet whom I had recently adopted and kept at the police station,” said Ranshevre. “He became very popular as he played with all the policemen here. So, when he suddenly went missing last month, we all became worried.”

The officers took to the streets looking for Jackie. They posted fliers, went door-to-door and even asked the Goregaon-based bomb detection and disposal force to trace their dog. Three weeks later, their search efforts were still unsuccessful and Jackie remained missing. An officer decided to contact NGO Animals Matter to Me (AMTM) and ask for their help.

Ganesh Nayak of AMTM told the Vanrai police officer that Jackie was probably stolen or he got lost after being chased by the other stray dogs in the streets of Goregaon.

On April 16, 2013, AMTM posted on their Facebook wall a message asking their followers to help find Jackie. Their message reached 14,000 people and it was one of their fans that helped reunite Ranshevre and Jackie.

Uttam Sangh, a retired service man saw the lost dog post on Facebook and while out walking his own dog in Oberoi Mall, Goregoan East, he came across a black dog that reminded him of Jackie.

Sangh called out Jackie’s name and the dog came close to him. At that moment Sangh approached the security guard of the private property where the dog was held and inquired about the pet. He was told the owner of the place, an animal lover, found the dog 15 days before in an open field where other stray dogs roam free. This dog seemed lost and afraid of the stray dogs that kept chasing him. The man decided to bring Jackie home and look after him.

Sangh contacted Ranshevere and told him the whereabouts of Jackie. Ranshevere immediately drove to the location to investigate if that dog was his long lost friend. Upon arrival, Jackie recognized his owner and jumped towards Ranshevere. Jackie was taken back home to Vanrai Police Station.

“We are happy for the Vanrai police who have gotten back their pet,” said Nayak. The reunion was made possible thanks to the many AMTM Facebook followers who networked and shared Jackie’s post until he was found.

“The entire police staff is happy to see Jackie again,” said Ranshevre.

Jackie and Ranshevre couldn’t be happier to be back together.