In the Hands of a Healer

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This fascinating clip from Earthfire Institute explores the possibilities of healing through touch – a widely debated and controversial form of treatment.

Named after a passionate earth-mother wolf with a fire in her belly to protect anything vulnerable, Earthfire was founded in 2000 to develop a new model of relating to nature through the voices of the rescued wildlife under its care. A 40 acre wildlife sanctuary and retreat center, it is located on the western slope of Grand Teton National Park, near Driggs, Idaho. Earthfire’s work resonates with the venerable traditions of Buddhism, deep ecology and integrative thinkers such as Goethe.

In light of the debate that arises whenever the topic is broached, for me Energy Healing Wolf inevitably prompts the question: What is your experience with alternative forms of treatment?

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18 thoughts on “In the Hands of a Healer”

  1. That was a fascinating video. We were amazed at how much Apricot looks like us. Mom thought it was a sibe when the video first started.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. My two-legger is all about alternative medicine. She learned many years ago when her mommy was diagnosed with breast cancer. The traditional treatments were horrible and painful so she did her research and found a plethora of viable options that have proven to work. But the USA would not approve them nor was she able to get a source in Europe in time to save her mommy. Now she has the connections and the information readily available if she ever needs them again. She also has a wonderful holistic vet that she takes us to and she feeds us raw so that we are extremely healthy and happy. Traditional medicine (people and animals) as seen in the USA is not very good but when used in conjunction with the old ways you will be surprised at what can be accomplished. We need to be more open minded about this.

    The Native Americans and Asian medicines have been around far longer than traditional medicine and proven their superiority over traditional medicines over and over again but society for some strange reason doesn’t want to open their minds to alternatives that our out there.

    • It could be that most of society is an instant gratification freak, and would rather take a pill and go on running through life as though we can hardly wait to get to the end of it. Holistic medicine takes time, effort, and introspection. Most people don’t want to look that closely at themselves.

  3. I was unable to view the video where I am at but wanted to say that I and the man of the house both use healing touch with our pets. We have seen positive results on many occasions.

  4. As A Reiki Master Teacher, I can tell you that all of these can and do happen with animals during treatment. I can also tell you that as the Human in the partnership, it took me awhile to realize that I didn’t always know best and couldn’t force my desire to help on the animal. As healers, we must respect the rights of each spirit in front of us; some animals, just like people, do not wish to be treated. For instance, Rory comes looking for me to put my hands on him when he doesn’t feel well while Fiona very rarely stands for a treatment at all. I’ve learned not to insist that I know better…for, I don’t.

    Animals respond very well to Reiki. It must be because they are so pure in Spirit to begin with, and they live in their energy bodies much better than we Humans who must struggle to bring our Ego and Spirit into alignment. So, if an animal is being treated for a problem, Reiki can be a wonderful companion treatment to assist with healing.

    Last point…we tend to think of being healed as being releases or shed of an ailment or disease…and unless we see a complete reversal of things, then we believe the treatments did not work and we have failed to be cured.

    But, the reality is, what healing is…true healing is learning to live with what comes at us and feel a sense of peace and harmony with circumstances as they are. Animals are so much better at this than we. To that end, while Apricot’s neck may never be straight…having the physical and spiritual energy renewed to live her life well with a crooked neck is, in fact, a healing.

    If any of your readers are interested in knowing more about Reiki as it works on them or their animals…please let me know how I can help Nigel. You have a fantastic community here and I’m honored to call you Friend.


  5. Life with Dogs would do well to consider captioning audio segments. The deaf and hard of hearing are only one contingent of the diversity that makes up the invisibly disabled. Turn your sound off for a day and you will see what I mean. Thanks for your time.

    • I would love to tell you, if I knew. Heck, I wish I could personally do it for you myself. Thanks for letting me vent, sorry to have assumed you folks had any control over it whatsoever. *sigh* maybe someday the state of voice recognition will get better, too. Google>web captioning>if so inclined. Thanks for your time. – Rhonda


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