Incredible Dog Heroically Rescues Two Other Dogs in a Runaway Canoe

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Two dogs ended up stuck in a canoe that began floating down river after the canoe was blown offshore by the wind.  As the canoe went out, the dogs decided to jump in, only to quickly realize that they were now trapped.  Luckily, there was someone else on the shore with their dog, and they were able to get the dogs to safety.

The human on the shore can be heard giving instructions to the black dog standing next to him.  The dog is a Labrador, so he pretty much will retrieve ANYTHING you tell him to.  It’s just what he does.  So, the dog bravely swims out to the other dogs in the canoe, and despite some swift moving water, he actually makes it to them.  What happens next is nothing short of a miracle.


8.2.16 - Canoe2



One of the dogs on the board tosses a rope over the side of the boat.  The Lab sees this, and knows to grab it and pull the other two dogs to safety.  I didn’t believe it the first time I saw it either.  In fact, I had to watch the video a couple times just to make sure I didn’t imagine all of it!

What a really brave dog!  Not only was getting to the trapped dogs one hell of a feat that would have left most humans tired and unable to continue, but for another to have the presence of mind to throw a rope overboard for your rescuer, those are some super-dog moves right there.  No matter how many dog stories and videos we cover, they never cease to amaze and inspire us!



18 thoughts on “Incredible Dog Heroically Rescues Two Other Dogs in a Runaway Canoe”

  1. This is the only site I know that refers to people as “humans”. Instead of “The human on the shore” most normal people would say “the person” or “the man”. It’s very bizarre. It’s almost as if this site is putting people and animals on the same level. Sorry Life With Dogs, I love my pets but they are not equal to me. I am not their human, I am their owner. Very bizarre.

    • I wonder how you’re going to feel when we run into smarter beings from other star systems. All of us sentient beings are in this together, Ted, with differences in intelligence, skills and attributes. I only wish I had my dog’s capacity for unconditional love. And I wish I could swim like that black lab.

  2. why wasn’t there anyone in the canoe? I hope this wasn’t a set up, and someone put the dogs in the canoe,and set it adrift. why? to create a scenario to prove that dogs are like people? the old evolutionary psy op. Well, all’s well that ends well in this case. I hope they weren’t frightented

  3. Amazing how the canoe wasn’t drifting until the rescue dog got to the boat. This is a setup fake vid.

    • Actually it was drifting down the river until it hits a branch or rock that stops it from moving as you can see the dogs almost fall out but i’m sure you already have it in your mind that everything must be fake if its caught on video.

  4. Do any of you ever get your intelligence insulted? Do any of you really believe this story? It’s staged. This man is, I am sure, an outdoorsman and he and his dogs (two dogs in the canoe) can swim, I am sure. What the OP attempted to do is pull the “wool” over your eyes (no pun indended). It’s called “anthropomorphism”. I don’t deny that animals feel emotion but the two dogs in the canoe are not glad or even perceive themselves as rescued by the black lab. Geezzzzz. Funny story however, OP is insulting.


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