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Indiana Family Saved by Pit Bull


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They’re calling it a “phenomenal act of heroism by a dog.” And that “dog” happens to be a pit bull.

While it seems pit bulls get a bad rep at times, one is being credited for saving the lives of his Bristol family members Thursday night. “It started here on the back porch, they said, underneath it. We have no idea how the fire started.”

When the fire began, Kemper Hunter, his girlfriend Sarah Laughlin and their three month old baby, Shelby, were asleep. They woke up to their pit bull “Thor” jumping persistently on the bed. Kemper Hunter says, “We kept pushing him away like, ‘Yeah, we’ll take you outside in a little bit. It’s 3 o’clock in the morning. We’re asleep.’ We kept pushing him away and then I pushed him one time to turn around and he hit me in the face with both paws and he nipped at me and I sat up, you know, my dogs never done that.”

Sarah Laughlin says, “I kind of peaked around the curtain we have in our hallway and seen the flames and smoke and it just freaked me out. I’m like, ‘Oh my God, I just started screaming.'” Hunter says,”And we turned around. He had my daughter, which is three months old, in the bassinet, pulled to the front door ready to go.” They had only lived in this Bristol mobile home for a week… saying it had taken them months to find a place that would accept pit bulls. They say that’s a shame because Thor – regardless of his breed – is very smart and wonderful with kids. Hunter got him seven years ago when the pup was rejected by his mother.

Hunter says, “He’s seven years old. I’ve had him since he was born. I’ve got him through parvo and I winged him through that. We went to jail together one time, to be honest. and he’s just been a fantastic dog.” A dog who has now given back to his family. And as they start back at square one in trying to find a new home, they say, now, more than ever, leaving Thor is not an option.

Kemper says, “I’m overwhelmed. I mean I thank God for my dog. He saved my child. He saved my girlfriend here and he saved myself.” Sarah says, “He’s always been like our son to us, but now it’s like his our hero. He saved our lives.”

The family lost everything all of their clothing, household and baby items and would be grateful for any help. You can make a donation to them through the American Red Cross Elkhart County Chapter.

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