Indiana Man Gets 180 Days Incarceration for Keeping 64 Dogs in Filthy Living Conditions

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A bit of justice was handed out on Monday, when a man by the name of Dennis Hansen was sentenced to 180 days in jail, 18 months of probation, and some pretty stiff fines as well.  The sentencing closes the book on the horrible situation, and all of the 64 dogs that were rescued are all doing very well, and some have even found good forever homes.

Tippecanoe Superior Judge Sean Persin handed down the sentencing to Hansen, and made sure to drive home the point that if it was okay for Hansen to keep these poor creatures in a situation that they absolutely NOT want to be in, then it is only fair that Hansen has to spent time in a place he definitely doesn’t want to be; jail.  As mentioned, Persin gave Hansen 180 days in jail, to be followed by 18 months of probation.  Hansen also cannot have any animals in his care or possession at any time.



Additionally, Hansen was directed to pay a fine of $10,000 on top of all of that.  Judge Persin did offer to slightly modify the sentencing, however, Hansen would have to come up $9,508.45 within 24 hours of the sentencing.  That money would go to the shelters and kennels that the rescued dogs have been taken to.

Hansen said that all of this started with him attempting to realize his dream of living in a rural area, and breeding Italian greyhounds.  He claims that the reason that the dogs were living in a terrible situation was because when getting his breeding gig set up he injured his back, leaving him unable to care for all of the dogs he had.  Although Hansen apologized for his actions while in court, Judge Persin wasn’t having it.



“There’s still a part of you that in your mind, you’re trying to rationalize what’s going on,” said Judge Persin.

5 thoughts on “Indiana Man Gets 180 Days Incarceration for Keeping 64 Dogs in Filthy Living Conditions”

  1. Amazing that SOME legal authority is seeing this for what it is…,cruelty. Also, penalizing the persons doing so. Props to this judge.

  2. I have two Italian Greyhounds, one from a rescue with medical issues, loss of fur, etc. I’ve also had back problems, I don’t want to hear it. I had SURGERY and my dogs were never neglected, never mistreated, never so much as missed a meal.

    Sadly a search turned up this about the Italian Greyhound in the 2nd picture with the bad leg:

    Dobby, named because of her resemblance to the Harry Potter character, was malnourished, had mange and suffered from a malady that caused her left front leg to pop out of its socket, which it did frequently. The dog then had to push it back into place. Sharon Dull, a local animal advocate who worked with some of the rescued dogs, said Dobby didn’t make it.

    Dobby went to an Italian greyhound rescue and had begun to regain her weight, and her coat started to grow back. But when veterinarians took an X-ray to prepare for surgery to correct her shoulder, they found cancer, Dull said. Dobby, whose life was one filled with pain and neglect, was euthanized, Dull said.

    Do I think justice was served? No, I do not. Little Dobby lived her entire live in hell, and I don’t believe whatever small amount of time she received care and love makes up for that.


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