Indiana Police Officer Caught Abusing K-9

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5.1.14 - Cop Abuses K-9 9

When a video appeared on YouTube of a Hammond, Indiana police officer abusing his K-9 partner, the city’s mayor took prompt action.  He spoke out against the abuse and saw that the man was suspended.  The officer is now being investigated and will hopefully face more than paid leave.

5.1.14 - Cop Abuses K-9 11

The video, taken by a man inside a residence, shows the opprobrious officer repeatedly lifting the dog by his neck and striking him with what appears to be a chain leash before carelessly yanking him out towards traffic.

5.1.14 - Cop Abuses K-9 10

This is what Mayor Thomas McDermott had to say about the incident:

Anybody who loves dogs as much as I do is always saddened and shocked anytime you hear of a dog’s abuse.  When you find out it happened with an employee of yours, it makes it that much more shocking and disturbing.  Please know that the Hammond PD does not condone that type of behavior of any of its officers, nor is it tolerated in this administration.

The officer in question is being placed on Administrative Leave immediately, pending a further investigation.  He will have his canine removed from his control during this leave while the PD further investigates this matter.


The video below contains strong language and shows the officer’s abuse.







0 thoughts on “Indiana Police Officer Caught Abusing K-9”

  1. Leave it to a PIG to think they can get away with everything.

    Please abuse that cop using the same method.

      • The COWARD is the PIG abusing a fellow police officer, the one who trusts without hesitation, the one who would give his life for that PIG.

        If you, who claims to be a “lover of K9s,” are calling someone other than the cop hanging, choking and hitting that magnificent animal, YOU are the epitome of a coward.

        NEVER blindly defend ANYONE who treats another living being as this officer has treated this dog. You have lost your damn mind!

        • Sue, I hope you didn’t misunderstand my comment. I am in no way upholding what was done to the K-9. I love dogs, and have four pure bred Shepherds that live inside with me. I experienced 26 years working around and with these beautiful animals. I will read the stoplynching website. I can honestly say that it has not been my experience that abusing K-9’s is the norm. I personally believe the officer should be terminated. As another person commented, it would not be a far stretch for that officer to do the same to prisoners.

        • Agreed. Wtf is this person thinking? This cop is a piece of shit and I hope that dog is ok. I wish they would have said more about the dog.

      • Hey, if any citizen did this he’d get locked up for a LONG time for assaulting an officer!!! Why is not this shitbag “cop” locked up for the same?

    • Give me about 10 minutes with that coward. I would love to teach the SLOB how humans are suppose to treat an animal. Guess it proves my point! Who would want to be a PIG but some macho self absorbed piece of trash!!!!!

    • Fire that mother f’er then grab him my the neck off the ground and make him sit while you smack him in the face with his weapon the push him off into traffic.
      These dogs are trained to be loyal to there handlers.

  2. disgusting! He should be fired and charged with animal cruelty! And, with the stipulation of a lifetime ban on owning an animal! I am livid!

    • Why BOTH? At least the guy took the time to GET THE EVIDENCE so that this loser could be properly dealt with. Sometimes it is necessary to take a back seat and observe so that cretins such as this cop can be nailed. And nailed GOOD.

      • Evelyn, you are 100% right. What was the photographer to do? Confront the cop who has a gun and is obviously sadistic and possibly unstable? He could run the real risk of getting shot or even killed. Cops get away with so much today ; its a disgrace. And this was an assault against a fellow officer as Julie points out.

  3. He should be charged with felony assault against an officer. What a disgrace to the uniform. They should allow the dog to take his own revenge and bite the guy in the ass!! That sicko should be stripped of his badge.


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