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BarkerBag – The Sleeping Bag for Dogs

by Melanie

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5.1.14 - BarkerBag1

So many people have dogs, and so many people enjoy camping, that it was only a matter of time before someone thought of a good way to keep dogs cozy on chilly nights.  Dogs love snuggling, and we love to keep our feet warm, and this product comfortably allows for both.

You might be thinking, “What’s so great about this? I can just put a blanket over my dog!” Yes, that’s true, but this sleeping bag attachment can also keep your dog secure while you’re all sleeping.  Just think about how handy that could be should your campsite be wracked with 3 am thunderstorms – you wouldn’t want a panicking dog to claw its way through the tent!

The BarkerBag is designed to allow dogs up to 70 pounds to be safely secured inside the attachment using a cinched collar.  It can be connected to one or two sleeping bags so your dog will feel right at home, wedged between the people he loves most.

With the attachment being at the foot of the sleeping bag, dogs can also feel like they are able to do two of the jobs they do best: keep an eye on the door, and make sure you don’t go anywhere without them knowing!

The Kickstarter campaign to get BarkerBag off the ground has only five days to meet its $12,000 goal.  They’re getting there, with almost $8,000 raised, but still could use some help.  If you’re interested in more information or donating (as little as $1), please click here.