Infant Found Abandoned on Roadside by Dog

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In White Cloud, Michigan a baby girl had been discovered abandoned on the side of a dirt road, just hours after being born.  The child is alive, and in fair condition, all thanks to a man walking his dog.

On this past Monday, a man walking his dog near the 500 block of West Marion Road, which is south of Diamond Lake.  According to the man, the baby wasn’t crying, and it was his dog that had discovered the abandoned child first.  The baby was in plain sight, covered slightly by a discarded satellite dish, umbilical cord still attached.

The Newaygo County Sheriff’s deputies said the baby did have a few bruises and scrapes, but was breathing.  Estimates put the baby at no more than six hours old.

The mother of the child is around 14 or 15 years old and lives not far from the scene, on the same street according to neighbors.  The mother and child are both reported to be in fair condition and are hospitalized at Gerber Hospital in Fremont.

So far, no word has been made as to any charges the mother will face in this situation, and is not currently in custody of law enforcement.

Michigan is a “safe haven” state, which carries laws allowing a person to surrender an infant, anonymously, to an emergency service provider.  This could be done at a hospital, police station or fire station, and must be done within 72 hours of birth.

8 thoughts on “Infant Found Abandoned on Roadside by Dog”

    • God bless they saved that little girl…. Don’t know why that 15 year old ever decided to get pregnant in the first place is she was gonna do that…. She’s too young to have a child

      • It is possible that the girl didn’t “decide” to have a baby. There are other factors to consider like rape, incest or ignorance of consequences. I would withhold judgement until more facts are revealed. She is only 14 and likely not known about safe haven laws.

    • Do you actually expect a word smith to have any idea what they are actually saying?
      If they could do that, they would have a real job.


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