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Injured dog finds help at home of rescue employee


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Screen Shot 2013 02 19 at 9.02.36 AMWhether it was a fluke or a an animal simply following an instinct, Honey chose the right house to walk up to for help.  The injured dog who has a bullet in her head, wandered up to the home of Jay Gunn, an employee of Dogs Deserve Better, a rescue group in Virginia and because of that still has a chance at survival.  She is a sweet  black 30-pound lab/shepard mix and it is still a mystery who was shot her.

Surry Chief Animal Control Officer Tracy Terry was summoned and Honey was taken to an emergency veterinarian in Yorktown, but the bullet cannot be removed so her prognosis is unclear.  “This was not a defensive attack,” Gunn said. “The dog was shot at close range … and the dog was looking up at the shooter when it happened. The bullet broke the bone between the dog’s eyes but missed her brain.”

Aside from the bullet wound, it appears that Honey was well cared for and she did have a microchip, though it had not been registered.  She was not neglected or malnourished and it seems she was not on her own for very long.  Staff from Dogs Deserve Better are trying to track down the vet who implanted the chip in the hopes that it will lead them to her owner.

Gunn hopes that her family can be located, but if they are not found and Honey survives people are already lining up to adopt the pooch.   As for who did this, it remains a mystery and Terry refuses to speculate saying “There are so many scenarios it could be.”   An investigation will begin today to try to solve the mystery, and fingers are crossed that Honey makes a full recovery.