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Flying to a new life, and a new chance at happiness


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Radar was found abandoned in a ditch at the side of the road in Philadelphia with terrible injuries to his face, presumably from being forced to fight.  But now that  his physical wounds have healed he is off to school to learn about the gentler side of life, and prepare for a new home with a loving family.

The young pit bull is one of the lucky ones, as that breed is the most abused in North America and many do not get out alive after a start like his.  Thanks to Rowdy to the Rescue, Radar has been flown to Cleveland where he will spend some time at Elite K-911 in North Ridgeville for training.  Here he will learn to be a pet, get socialized, and hopefully put his past life behind him.  The flight was courtesy of Matthew Kiener, a pilot from New Jersey, who read a blog about a dog that needed a flight and volunteered his time to help.

Chris Stella, owner and trainer at the training centre, says many people believe that dogs who have been used for fighting can’t be re-trained.  That is a common misconception says Stella, “You would be surprised at how little it takes to get over that.  He is open to other people, even though someone has done some horrible things to him.”

“The sad thing about Radar’s story is that it happens all the time,” Hughes said. “In Cleveland unfortunately dog fighting is very prevalent.”  Pit Bulls often get a bad rap, but they make wonderful and loving pets in the right circumstances, like any breed.  “You know there is great saying that your looking at the wrong end of the leash when people look at a bad dog… People caused that,” said Chris Hughes of Rowdy to the Rescue.  Radar will get a chance to prove people wrong about his breed, and live a long and happy life in a safe home.