Injured Dog Goes from Death Row to a New Lease on Life

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Photo Credit: Almost Home Foundation


Elmer, a two-year-old Terrier mix,  was found on the streets of Chicago by animal control and taken to their facility in April. The young pup was running out of time at the high-kill center, and if that wasn’t bad enough, Elmer was also infected with MRSA. Luckily for him, Almost Home Foundation (AHF) came to his rescue.

Days before Elmer was scheduled to be put to sleep, AHF saved him. He had a bandaged foot with what seemed to be a minor injury. However, when Dr. Rudawski from Fox Lake Animal Hospital uncovered his foot, things took a bad turn.

Chuck Hansen, vice president of AHF recounts Dr. Rudawski’s examination:

“Our vet uncovered the foot. Looked at it and said this doesn’t look good.”

Dr. Rudawski ran a culture and the test results came back positive for MRSA. This is a deadly strain of bacteria that is resistant to most antibiotics. Many times the only cure is amputation.

AHF and Dr. Rudawski didn’t want to give up on Elmer. They wanted to do anything they could to save his leg. Dr. Rudawski came up with a treatment plan.

“He cut the dog’s chest open on the side, and took a skin graph. [The healthy skin] will help the dog heal,” said Hansen. “Dr. Rudawski cleaned Elmer’s foot every day, for two weeks, and the dog’s own blood system will help cure the MRSA, along with the dog’s healthy skin.”

The costs to treat and save Elmer’s foot are up to $2,600. AHF is asking those in the community that can contribute towards Elmer’s medical cost to do so.  Elmer was given a second chance in life.

The pup is now under foster care healing and learning to be a happy, playful puppy. He will be available for adoption at the end of May.

“Elmer is one of the most loving dogs you will ever want,” said Hansen. “Terrier mixes love children. They just love everyone.”



4 thoughts on “Injured Dog Goes from Death Row to a New Lease on Life”

  1. Poor pup! I had the misfortune of having MRSA once, I think I caught it working at an airport where there had been an outbreak among customer service agents, some of whom were my friends. Fortunately I had it only on my skin, not in my blood stream. It took months of treatment but I finally got rid of it. I hope this dog does, too.

    • I feel for him also. I had MRSA in my blood stream. No open wounds, they don’t know how I got it. Like Wing it took months for it to leave my system. I was lucky, Dr caught it right away and bombarded me with antibiotics. Hopefully this little guy will come thru this just fine.

  2. Elmer was hit by a car and came to Almost Home with a already casted leg. I felt soo bad for him when they took the cast off his leg in front of my eyes. I hope he can keep healing and keep his leg till he is able to get adopted. I hope that the next time I see you, you are well and without a cast on your poor leg.


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