Injured dog placed under six-month quarantine

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The city of Leominster, Mass., is placing a wounded dog under six-month quarantine after the canine was found abandoned, injured and malnourished on the side of Abbott Avenue.

Last April, Health Inspector Chris Knuth, came to the dog’s aid when a city resident called to report the injured animal on the side of the road. Knuth and Fitchburg Animal Control Officer Susan Kowaleski, picked him up and took him to Wachusett Animal Hospital.

Once at the hospital, it was determined the dog is a Pitbull-Terrier mix and approximately one-year-old. It appeared the injured animal is another victim of illegal dog fights. He presented recent lacerations and bite marks to his right shoulder, head, legs and muzzle in addition to old scars throughout his entire body. Also, the dog’s upper canine teeth were in horrible conditions and it was necessary to have them removed.

“The dog is doing great, he is receiving 24-hour care and is under strict six-month rabies quarantine,” said hospital’s owner, Mark Ransom.

According to the city Mayor’s office, the injured animal will be kept at an undisclosed kennel during his six-month quarantine. Once he is cleared and his health condition improves, he will be placed for adoption.

If interested in learning more or adopting the dog, contact the city of Leominster, Mass.


7 thoughts on “Injured dog placed under six-month quarantine”

  1. I hope he gets lots of love and affection during his quarantine. His spirit as well as his body needs healing. Thank you to those who cared enough to call and all who have been helping him.

  2. I think the scum bags that fight dogs deserve major Prison Time. It’s become a horrific Death Sentence for these dogs and given them a Bad reputation they don’t deserve. It’s the same for those who fight chickens, or race dogs or horses. It’s all entertainment and making money (many times Illegal) for humans. These animals don’t want to do this stuff, read up on what’s done to All of them to get them to “Perform” it’s Sick!!!

  3. I will never ever understand making animals fight to live. Just shows the mentality of those doing it.

    Jann…don’t compare dog fighting to horse racing. As a former breeder and trainer of standardbred horses, I as well as most of the people I knew, would never mistreat a horse or make them do something that could result in injury or death. Standardbred and throughbred horses love what they do…..race. I took pride in finding wonderful homes for all the horses that just couldn’t make it at the track, and never physically or medically abused the horses. Take time to education on all fractions of the horse racing industry, not just the ones that are in it for the money or don’t care, they are the ones that create the bad publicity and names for the horse racing industry.

  4. So hurtful to me to think this baby gave his all for his owner, only to be tossed aside like trash when he failed. How it must have confused him. Breaks my heart for these babies.


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