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Injured Dog Rescued from Busy Highway


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broadwayAn injured dog left abandoned on the side of an interstate in Oklahoma is now safe and warm thanks to the rescue efforts of one woman.

Cherokee Ballard is the Vice President of the Bella Foundation, a non-profit that helps low-income pet owners afford medical care for their pets. She’s used to helping animals in need. She wasn’t expecting to be rescuing a dog while driving down the interstate earlier this week, but as she drove she noticed something on the side of the road.

“I looked over to the right and there was a piece of something, and I thought, oh it was just a piece of tire or something,” said Cherokee.

She realized that it was in fact a small dog on the side of the road and knew she had to help. She found a way to turn around and go back. Cherokee pulled over to help the dog as cars went speeding by.

“I walked up and I said, ‘Hi baby, it’s ok.’ At this point, this little dog had made a nest in the snow, and I will never get that image out of my head,” said Cherokee. “This little thing thought – Ok, this is where I have to spend my days and nights. I need to get comfortable.”

The dog was not only cold and in a dangerous position, but she was malnourished and covered in fleas. Her back legs were injured and she was unable to walk. Cherokee quickly took the dog to an animal clinic to get the care she needed.

Cherokee has given the dog the name Broadway and the Bella Foundation is now hard at work helping her to recover and find her the perfect home.

“We believe that every animal is worth saving, and we believe that she’ll make somebody a great, great pet,” said Cherokee.

For more information on adopting Broadway visit the Bella Foundation’s website.