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Injured Dog Surprises Many And Makes Incredible Recovery


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Injured dog makes a miracle recovery

scootScoot was a dog that many were ready to give up on. Her hind legs were fused straight and many didn’t think she would ever be able to walk, but Scoot was determined to live and with the help of SouthBARK Animal Rescue she has proved everyone wrong.

In December Scoot could only get around by scooting because her back legs were fused straight. Southbark Animal Rescue found the black lab at the Escambia County Animal Shelter in Florida where her future wasn’t looking bright. “I think the majority of people saw her said, ‘Oh well, put that dog out of her misery.’ She was literally scooting around on the floor in her own waste,” said SouthBARK co-founder Emily Reynolds.

Reynolds and SouthBARK saw something else though. “The thing that really struck us is she had this ferocious appetite and she could wag her tail and she seemed like she wanted a chance to live,” said Reynolds. Even vets weren’t sure if Scoot would ever be able to walk, but SouthBARK was willing to try. It wasn’t an easy road but with the help of water rehabilitation and a lot of support over the past five months Scoot is now walking, running and playing.

Scoot’s story has inspired many across the country as they have followed her progress and success. Now her happy ending will be complete when she goes home with her new family in Georgia in a few weeks. Her new mom is a pediatric physical therapist and Scoot will be helping out as a therapy dog. “We couldn’t have asked for a better ending,” said Reynolds.