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Injured Dog Walks Again, Owner Can’t Believe It

by Katherine

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Sammi’s owner was in complete shock after she witnessed her dog walk once again. This,  after the pet received surgery and weeks of rehabilitation.

The Springer Spaniel was diagnosed with a degenerative growth in his neck that left him paraplegic and was taken for treatment at California Animal Rehabilitation center in Santa Monica, Calif.


The pet owner hoped for a miracle but wasn’t sure she would ever see her beloved pet walk like the normal dog again. However, when she went to visit Sammi, she was in for a surprise.

Sammi’s owner walked into the rehabilitation center and the dog waited for her behind a wall. He was on a leash. The medical staff released Sammi and he surprised his owner by walking up to her.


The pet owner was incomplete shock, and all she could do was drop to her knees and cry.

Watch the moment the pet owner realized her dog was healthy and able to walk on all four legs again.