Injured elderly woman able to keep her dog thanks to help from the Faith program

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faithprogramThanks to the Faith program at the Florida Keys SPCA an elderly woman who is recovering from a severe fall gets to see her dog Ryan on a regular basis.

About a month ago Joyce Andrews fell in her Florida home. The 77-year-old suffered some painful injuries and is currently recovering at the Key West Health and Rehabilitation Center. Andrews is a widower and has no children. Her only family in the area is her dog, Ryan.

With no family to take care of Ryan, the Florida Keys SPCA’s Faith program stepped in to take care of Ryan. This year the Faith program has taken in 36 pets for their owners. Most of the owners are in rehabs, recovering from various issues. “It gives us the ability to keep animals in the homes as opposed to someone having to surrender the animals,” said executive director of the Keys SPCA Tammy Fox.

The Keys SPCA is currently looking for a long-term foster for Ryan. Until then he stays at the shelter, where he is doing well. Shelter employee David Dow takes Ryan to see Andrews every other day. “He gets excited,” said Andrews. She is just as grateful to be able to see Ryan. “If I didn’t have [the Faith program] to take care of him, I don’t know what would have happened.”