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Injured Puppy Brings in Over $30,000 in Donations


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jackson2Several weeks ago, a four-month-old shepherd mix named Jackson arrived at the Greater Moncton SPCA in Canada. He was in bad shape due to abuse and would need about $3,000 to help repair his injuries. When the Great Moncton SPCA asked for help for Jackson via SPCA they response they got was overwhelming as over $30,000 in donations came in to help the puppy.

When Jackson arrived at the Greater Moncton SPCA he was examined and found be in pretty bad shape. “Pretty severe injuries of his hind legs, hips and rib area,” said veterinarian Dr. Francis Arsenault. “He had one leg that was about three times the size with swelling. He was going to need help and the Greater Moncton SPCA turned to Facebook to find it, and they found a lot of help.

So far more than $30,000 donations have come in from all across Canada. A bacon supplier and a local radio station teamed up to fundraise for Jackson. “The bacon sold out in three minutes and we went through the entire pallet,” says radio promoter Paul Tomas. “That is 900 packs of bacon and it raised close to $2,000.”

Individuals from all over are also making personal donations. “The community, as a whole, is pulling together and collecting a lot of funds in order for him to be brought back and be healthy,” said Charles LeBlanc who brought his personal donation to the shelter and also brought along with him the Moncton Fire Department’s sniffer dog, Magic, to have a play date with Jackson.

Jackson has already undergone surgery, though he may still require more. “They removed the portion of his hip that was fractured so that it will help him be much more comfortable and improve his mobility,” said veterinarian Liane Nelson. Jackson is recovering well from his surgery and his other injuries. Once fully recovered, Jackson will be adopted by one of his nurses.

All the excess funds raised for Jackson will be set aside to help other animals rescued by the SPCA. The RCMP is still investigating Jackson’s case and no charges have been filed at this time.