Innocent dog fatally shot by police after being restrained

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The actions of police officers in Commerce City, CO are being called into question after they responded to a call to pick up a loose dog and shot it 5 times, fatally wounding it.  The large breed dog was seen wandering around a neighbourhood, and while it was not causing any sort of disturbance a neighbour called to have it picked up, thinking it was a stray, and was astonished to see police capture and kill the dog.  This video may be disturbing to watch.

“I called police because I saw a dog wandering loose out front,” said Ken Collins.  Unbeknownst to Collins, his neighbour was looking after the dog, named Chloe, for a cousin who was out of town for the holidays.  When she went out, she left the dog in the garage with the door closed.  But somehow Chloe tripped the door opener and wandered outside.

Collins, who observed the whole scene, said he did not fear the dog, and said  that after about 30 minutes, the dog just sat inside the open garage door near her bed while officers decided what to do.  “He’s basically back in the garage or whatever, staying away from police.”   Chloe was tasered twice, and she dropped to the ground each time.  Then animal control used a catch pole to contain the dog, and it while she was on the catch pole and effectively restrained that police started shooting.

Collins, who videotaped the whole incident, was very troubled by the fact that the police started shooting and said that at least one stray bullet hit the animal control officer’s car with neighbors and kids all around.  Alicia Hall, an animal behavior technician with the Dumb Friends League said “The animal could still potentially be a danger, but if the catch pole is being used appropriately, the animal should be restrained safely. As far as I can see from the video, it looks like the dog actually walked right into the catch pole as it was coming out of the garage and was safely restrained,” Hall said.

Commerce City Police Detective Mike Saunders says the incident will be investigated and added  “We need time to look at the video. We need time to look over the officer’s report. And we need time to speak to the officer before we can comment.”  Collins later said, “I wish I hadn’t called, but like my kids keep reassuring me, I did what anybody else would do and that’s what the lady across the street said, whose dog was shot, that she would have done the same thing,”

 But nothing can bring back Chloe, who was seemingly the innocent victim in a tragic story or explain why police shot at the animal 5 times, finally killing her.



35 thoughts on “Innocent dog fatally shot by police after being restrained”

  1. I hope criminal animal abuse charges are brought against them all, and the dog’s owner sues them. Sounds like these “officers” are nothing but ignorant, gun-toting killers!

  2. There should be an investigation by an independent non-police organization. The policemen should be fired.

  3. I would sue the police dept. fire the officers involved . What the hell where these idiots thinking really? This dog was bringing no harm to anyone . This is a innocent dog that did not deserve this how dare they think they could just go around shooting innocent animals and break families up like this they cost this family a lot of hurt and now they have lost their beloved dog needlessly. Can’t imagine what was going thru this poor dogs mind. He was doing what most dogs would do and wander out the garage and check things harm was being brought to anyone. So why was the police involved in the 1st place. This is soo tragic I feel so bad for this dog and his owners. Hope those responsible will be held accountable to the fullest. So this won’t happen to another innocent animal and they loose their lives for no reason.

  4. those cops are obviously ignorant assholes and have no compassion for animals. This is an outrage, this should not be tolerated!! I know I’m running on emotions right now but they should be fired, be banned from owning pets and be sued by the owner. I love dogs and hearing shit like this just angers me!!!!

  5. WOW!! I can NOT believe that this person got away with this!! Sick…sick…sick person. And they are suppose to protect and serve? WHO? BTW is this Kitsap County? Please tell me this person has to answer to someone.

    • It is in Colorado but Washington state is just as bad. Some counties in Washington are worse than others, the four worst are Kitsap, Pierce, King and Snohomish. Lived there, hated it for that reason.


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