Inspired by Rescue, Teen Gives Shelter Dogs a Second Chance

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Teen animal lover Molly Tillander is changing the dog world, one rescue at a time. The sixteen-year-old is on a mission to help shelter dogs find new homes, and she’s donating her time and her talents to help make that happen.

Tillander trains shelter dogs to help put them on a fast track for adoption. Knowing that a trained dog is a happy dog, and that owners of well trained dogs form stronger bonds, she donates her time to local shelters, training dogs while they wait for new homes.

Tillander recently found a home for a Beagle-mix named Chance after fostering him and teaching the dog a plethora of tricks – 40 to be exact.

“I foster dogs with beagle rescue because I wanted to adopt a beagle. And I wanted to know more about them before I just adopted one. Then I ended up wanting to just keep fostering,” Tillander said.

Tillander and her bothers, Alec and Jacob, are currently fostering a Labrador-mix named Bailey found abandoned and ill on the side of a nearby road. Tillander is already starting to teach her the basics. Once healthy, Bailey will be available for adoption from Atlanta Beagle Rescue.

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  1. This young lady and her siblings are the kinds of kids who give me hope that the world is going to be okay after all. Kudos to the parents of these remarkable kids and a million Bravos! to you Molly!


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