Instagram Sensation @QuinnTheBerner Learns About Ice

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This is Quinn, or as she’s better known, @QuinnTheBerner.  She and her human T J Parker have uploaded a video to Instagram that’s got the world taking notice.  See Quinn learn how to run, then slide on the ice!  In slow motion, you get to see every single moment as she brings it in for her final landing!  So far, between Instagram and YouTube, these two are becoming an internet sensation.  And once you see the rest of Quinn’s Instagram page, you’ll see why.



48 thoughts on “Instagram Sensation @QuinnTheBerner Learns About Ice”

  1. Édes kutyus.Sajnos nem tartozik rám Instagram,mert megsokasodik online nem birok már olyan szar :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/

  2. I saw this earlier today on TV and my first thought was….ACL tear. I bet these people wouldn’t pay the thousands of dollars to have it repaired. They would probably just euthanize the pup. Get your dog some boots and quit videotaping your pup in distress.


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