Interspecies Adventures: Borzoi/Cheetah Playdate

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Last summer saw a slew of similar videos making the rounds, and to date, my favorite has been the dog/deer play video that had so many of us smiling back in June. Considering my love of sighthounds, it should come as no surprise that this new video from a zoo in the Czech Republic gets my nod as the best of the bunch. Watching these two graceful animals at play is nothing short of beautiful, and while some will decry the potential dangers of letting a wild, predatory animal play with a domesticated dog, this is one of those heartwarming animal moments that you just have to see.

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15 thoughts on “Interspecies Adventures: Borzoi/Cheetah Playdate”

  1. Ah, if you had seen my Borzoi take out a chicken in about half a second flat you wouldn’t make the mistake of distinguishing between dogs and “predatory animals.” 😉

  2. That was amazing. All Mom could think of was Ciara and TD together:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. heart warming video but the dog does look like he could definitely use a little more meat on his bones…. Looks extremely skinny!

    • Actually Anonymous, that Borzoi looked absolutely fit and at a perfectly healthy weight for a Zoi. They are sighthounds and often look thin to those who have not had the pleasure of owning one.

  4. Hey, Anonymous . . . Borzoi are supposed to be skinny. Like Greyhounds they’re not built to carry the same body fat as other breeds. If you overfeed them to make them look like labs (no offense Sola) it’s very bad for their health, especially their joints.


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