Iraq War Vet and Best Friend Reunited Thanks to Public Oupouring of Support

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We discussed the first half of this story on our fan page, and many were troubled at the thought of permanent separation for Steven Woods and his dog, Mimi. A quick check of breaking headlines has revealed some very good news in the form of fast and complete resolution. Once again, social media and passionate animal lovers have made a difference.

Donations from all over the world poured into the Metroplex Animal Coalition and will be used to reunite the pair, who have been separated since the city took Mimi on October 14th. A Fort Worth judge declared her dangerous in a dog bite case with questionable evidence and testimony and ordered Woods to pay almost $500 in accumulated boarding fees and $500 a year to register Mimi, in addition to carrying 100K in liability insurance. Woods was also ordered to build a costly outdoor enclosure for Mimi, who normally shares a bed with her master (according to the city, keeping her indoors is not sufficient). Woods only receives $800 a month from the government and could not afford to comply with the court order.

Thanks to the generosity of strangers, that is no longer an issue. “It blew my mind, I was like, man, I am going to get my baby back. And I thank everyone who did contribute, I really appreciate it,” Woods said.

Woods was hoping to have Mimi back at home by now,  but the city is refusing to return her until the enclosure is built. “They said I was not allowed to see her,” he said.

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10 thoughts on “Iraq War Vet and Best Friend Reunited Thanks to Public Oupouring of Support”

  1. what a wonderful end to a horrible story! the man who pointed the finger at mimi should be ashamed. i’m so glad that this soldier will be getting her back!

  2. I am extremely happy for this young man and his beloved dog. I hope they are quickly reunited and never bothered again. I am disgusted by the ridiculous anti-pit bull mentality. Dogs bite people every day in the United States and they don’t call out the national guard to defend the community from the so-called dangerous dog, that is of course unless it is a pitbull. Then the media has a feeding frenzy spreading misinformation just to sell their story and the ignorant public swallows the hype, hook, line and sinker. The accuser didn’t loose finger, he simply had an “injured finger.” That will heal, but they still want to euthanize the dog? What is wrong with them? Talk about an over reaction, that is like sentencing someone to a lethal injection for jay walking!

  3. Forth Worth??? Isn’t that where they seized all the starving Greyhouds and Lurchers last summer—where it had to go on so long and get so bad that several of the dogs died????? And they can’t let a veteran who served his country keep his pet? Damn them.

  4. didnt he say mimi wasnt even aroud when the so called person pointed there finger at her whats up with that, isnt it false arrest, what is wrong with people the only thing i can come up with is they dont like the breed and they only have people that dont like animals period THEY NEED TO GIVE THE DOG BACK AND STOP PLAYING GOD


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