Distraught Owner Blames Six Flags for Losing Dog

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A Southern Califonia woman is upset with a Six Flags amusement park for freeing her support dog from a hot car before losing her.

As is often the case, there are two sides to this story. Six Flags officials broke into Shelanon Brooks’ car when they thought it had died from heat exposure after Brooks left the dog in sweltering heat while she enjoyed a day at the amusement park.

“Our security personnel and the sheriff saw the dog, which they thought was dead,” said Six Flags spokesperson Sue Carpenter. “They broke into the car to get the dog out. We brought it over here to the dog kennel, revived it, gave it some water and cooled it down.” Unfortunately the dog escaped while its water bowl was being refilled, slipping out through an open kennel door.

Brooks blames Six Flags and says her dog was never in danger, and she just wants her lost pet returned. “I don’t know how I’m going to go back without my daughter,” Brooks said. “I don’t know how I’m going to live in my house without her — I just don’t.”

25 thoughts on “Distraught Owner Blames Six Flags for Losing Dog”

  1. This lady should not be allowed to have any pets…a responsible pet owner would never think of leaving an animal in a car while they were at an amusement park…summer, winter, I don’t care what time of year. It’s just plain stupidity!

  2. Even on short walks I take water evey time for my dog.How can a person leave there pet in a hot car to start with.And going to a park to have a day of fun!!

  3. Wow. What a complete twit.

    She does not deserve to get her dog back. In fact, I’m not sure that anyone so stupid as to leave a dog sitting in a car, which becomes an OVEN in the summer months, while one is planning to spend the day at an amusement park deserves to own pets at all, ever. I will pray that this dog has moved on to a better life with a much less ignorant dog owner who truly cares about her well-being. Because this woman clearly did not.

    Oh and Six Flags staff? Good for you for saving this dog. What you did saved her life.

  4. I read a subsequent article this morning about this. After it was aired on the news, the person who found her dog, returned her. I’m not sure if I should be happy about it, or concerned for this dog. I’m thinking the latter. This woman is clearly unable to care for her “daughter” properly and shows little, if any, common sense.

  5. The good news is the dog may not have actually disappeared! They may have just said that so the owner would not get the poor dog back. I have had to do this before to save animals from idiot owners.

  6. Why would she take the dog and leave it in the car? I didn’t know they had kennels there. Why didn’t she use the facilities?

  7. whether she was a human or canine daughter, she should not be left in a hot car. i bet dollars to donuts that a 6 Flags staffer took the dog with good intentions.


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