Is That a Pit Bull?  Nope – It’s a Sleepy, Smoochy, Snuggle Bug!

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Most people would agree that the best way to wake up in the morning is with the smell of coffee or bacon.  But kisses are definitely next in line!  Tank here doesn’t want to wake up at all, but when he does, he just wants to give his mom kisses!


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1 thought on “Is That a Pit Bull?  Nope – It’s a Sleepy, Smoochy, Snuggle Bug!”

  1. How sweet.!!! What a misunderstood breed and also you can thank the idiots who fight them .As we always say PUNISH THE DEED (owner) not the BREED.I have owned several large terrier /bull breed mixes and ALL of them were always loving obedient dogs.Yes ,it takes one that does understand that this breed needs owners with good mngt.skills and not those who do not understand the breeds back ground. It is a trait that a good % will fight and your not going to train that out of them ,just as your not training the herding traits out of a border collie.BUT you can manage those traits.Mine is a large female and has some propensity to engage with other female dogs, but not ALL…..Also male dogs she is fine with unless its a rogue or a severe case of dominance aggression on the other dogs behalf. With that being said, we use universal precautions and she doesnt have a whole lot of K9 friends.But those who know this breed understand that due to their fighting back ground, they dont need k9 companionship, but they do need heavy interaction between humans and its owner.They thrive for affection and mine will leave a bowl of RAW for a belly rub, now thats a real lover, food usually rules for most k9’s but this breed does love its human relationships.Proper mngt.skills keep you from setting your dog up for failure.We dont go to dog parks, we are never off a leash in the public, nor do we visit pet stores where they are allowed.She has a few K9 buddies that we monitor very closely, never left unintended with them or with children, its just good mngt skills even though I know my dog well I may not know all of my buddies dogs that well & when around kids or the known dogs that are vetted playmates, we are always there right beside them and till this day(5yrs) we are incident free.Feed them well, exercise them, give them good water and spend time with playing and training them, they need it and adore the attention and are some of the most loyal dogs you will ever own. Thanks for posting that sweetie and her owner, so good to see the real pitbull, not the exploited ghetto abused dog that cant help giving the others a bad name, damn you thugs,hopefully some one will give you the same abuse you give these lovely creatures that deserve respect and love.


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